Invasion of the Vox Lagomorpha


By F. Fidelio

When aliens land in the North of England they decline to enslave, infect, pupate in, or enrol people in a galactic federation. Instead, they ally themselves with the most social, most vulnerable entities living among us: rabbits. Humanity’s survival rests on their witness – this, the most abused, most misunderstood pet. Can we hope for mercy, or expect revenge?

Close Encounters of a Fluffy Kind

This uplifting British sci-fi comedy by F. Fidelio, witnesses close encounters of a fluffy kind unanticipated by the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence scientists. Join Bernie Bynum, a struggling graduate with a passion for bunny welfare, as she, her house rabbits and human friends face up to the tricky moral dilemma of averting doomsday. Secret service plots, political spin, media depravity, budding romance, rabbit recalcitrance, and a light-hearted animal rights campaign combine in this spoof science fiction tale, to enthusiastically satirise present day Planet Earth; with Prime Ministers, Presidents, and talk show hosts among those squarely in the ray-gun’s sights.

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Q. Was Herman based on your own rabbit?


Well, Molly is black, and relatively big, also a very independent and forceful (to put it mildly) character so there is some borrowing going on there - maybe Herman is what I imagine Molly might have been if her early life had been kinder to her. But Herman is deliberately named after an even bigger rabbit in every sense: the inspiration and cover model for the House Rabbit Handbook, the first book on house rabbits, and also the reason for the founding of the House Rabbit Society in 1988 by Marinell Harriman, Herman's housemate and carer. Herman was also a Her, named before the discovery of her gender, but the name stuck...
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"They are fluffy, they are angry, and they will decide our fate."

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