Angels in the Labyrinth


By F. Fidelio

Molly’s ache for motherhood turns into literal labyrinthine horror when tragedy befalls the two foster children placed in her care. Accused of murdering one, she risks everything to find and save the other from a game of hide-and-seek in the cellar that has gone terribly wrong.

1st Draft 29%

What Kind of Story is it?

It's a traditional horror story - part psychological, part physical - all set in a perfect suburban newbuild estate. It came to life in 2008, inspired by a development a friend had moved to in the grounds of an old psychiatric hospital. Originally planned as a film script, the synopsis ballooned to 13,000 words and over the years filled out into a fully-formed movie in my mind's eye. Now the challenge is on to capture this acutely visual and visceral story in the pages of a book...

When will it be finished?

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Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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