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I’m an old-fashioned fire-side storyteller at heart, with a head full of eclectic tales which I tell as film directors do, using my signature style whatever the ‘genre’. I write the dark and the light of life, the tragedy and the comedy. My stories live in the past, the future, the present, and the parallel universes of our subconscious or imagination. They can be humorous, bizarre, loving, scary, or heart-wrenching, and some are ‘cross-genre’ which, boringly, doesn’t mean that they're about irritable people. The most important thing is: I love to create, am delighted to share, and hope that whatever you’re in the mood for, you find something that entertains...

The Bright Idea?

To finally give-in to the inevitable and begin to write fiction professionally. Stuff the fact that I may have to live penniless in a garret - I've more or less been doing that for ten years in my academic trajectory. 2017 saw me writing in earnest; in 2018 I became my own publisher. Join me at the beginning of my author journey!


Hundreds of thousands of words and dozens of mature ideas are on paper waiting to be digitised and crafted into finished products. Even more exists 'written' in my head during years of extremely debilitating health problems, and it's time to get them out of there - who knows what might happen if I don't...


I use a pen-name for several reasons, some personal, some practical (e.g. existing academic writing). And some for fun: my birth surname was an over-represented author name, while an old forum ID was not... (apart from the book promising sexual conquests, and a poetry anthology - presumably unrelated?)


I've had a very nomadic life, but it's fair to say I'm European: British by birth, Swedish by citizenship, and presently living in the Netherlands dicing with global warming at 4.5m below sealevel. However, if wishes were fishes then I'd buy a decrepit farm in the Yorkshire Dales and begin a permaculture landscape-restoration project. Maybe I'd start a hippy commune. Wanna join?

Social Schmocial

Confession: I don't do social media. I'm not in digital detox, or anything nearly that trendy, it just doesn't make me happy and I'm rubbish at it. I see some forms affecting society in worrying ways, however, many people thrive on it so I provide sharing links for my website content in case that's useful. But you won't find me out in the ether face-snap-pint-twitting :o)

Furry Friends

The thing about being a dog lover, having no money, and moving around a lot, is that you can't responsibly keep a dog. I have house rabbits instead. They are indescribably funny and complex. A dog needs you. Cats use you. Rabbits like you as an equal. Or they don't: you have to deserve their friendship in the most healthy way - through trust. It's a beautiful thing, people.

MOLLY my avatar

The face that lunched a thousand carrots. I use her as my Front-bunny when I have to provide an image to be friendly, whch is ironic since The Mollster has had to work very hard on aggression-issues due to a fiesty personality and a very rough start in life as a rescue-bunny.

She is now happy, funny, ballsy, but still in therapy.


I do my own design work (the curse of art school training!), but most are digital images which include work by others. I always try to credit them, many of whom have used creative commons to make there work visible and enabling me to access their beautiful images from my garret. See book pages for more about cover art and, eventually, I'll make a page for images and creators.


I have a beloved tiny laptop, which is like a favourite pair of shoes (in both the blokey and girly sense) and makes it possible for me to work everywhere. Usually I have my feet up on a bed or a sofa when I'm in my writing phases; this facilitates blood to the brain and visual access to the ceiling, which is an excellent backdrop for a busy filmic imagination.


This digital attic has been an ambition of mine for many years. It's a place for the overspill of my imagination; story-telling, weird dreams, short tales, formats other than books, curious scraps, and the odd poem. Material here is copyight and I may develop it further in time, but it's usually presented in its original form.  Explore and if you like something leave a comment and let me know.

"I have spent half my life as a gypsy and half as an unwilling hermit"


As an independent author in the big wide world of a million other books I need professional organisation to help me survive. RabbitWorks is an author-owned publishing imprint which gives my self-publishing a legal structure, and allows me to work co-operatively or collaborately with other author names.

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