Fear of Misery Published!

It’s official, Fear of Misery, a near-future dystopian thriller, is out in the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the screen shot (of the Dutch Amazon store just to be exotic).

This is a foundational step in my writing life and, like every step so far, has seemed to take forever – each having a learning curve, usually right at the final moment. I have had to pull on my Ali Baba slippers to walk this path comfortably.

Initially the book will be exclusive to Amazon which can give new authors a boost, but my aim is to publish this book to all other platforms after a while, and, bear with me, I have the paperback on my To-Do list.

I have a lot on my To-Do list.

I would love to say that I’m excited; that I’m elated to have had the courage to hit PUBLISH for the first time ever. But the honest truth is that atthisverymoment I’m just relieved to have finally been able to begin the trajectory which I have been pick-axing my way towards for more than a year and a half now! Or, do I mean, my whole life? Whatever. I think that, to quote South Park’s most adorable pimp, Butters, “you know what I am saying”.

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