Vox Lagomorpha – Cover sneak peak!

Well, the cover concept is done for the Invasion of the Vox Lagomorpha!

I had the idea several weeks ago – I wanted a whimsical pen & ink style, with an exercise book doodle-in-the-margin effect. This is to match doodles I have for a possible (!) follow-up book, which I have had on ice for forever. Anyway…

I drew the ink line-drawings last week, and finally got around to scanning them in a few days ago. I spent a happy hour or so this afternoon trying to make the Wattpad dimensioned cover of 256 x 400 and still keep sufficient quality. Pxels schmixels. The final cover for the future ebook will look similar but I will continue to work on it.

Since there is some fine-tuning left (what is the perfect arrangement of the text and image elements?) and I can’t decide at the minute, I will sleep on it. Probably for several months. There is some more writing and then editing to do before I need the final cover, but it’s good to know that the foundations are in place.


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